AllInOne solutions to everyday issues…

Imagine that there were real solutions to each and every issue confronting your business right now – and better still, all these solutions were available from one source?

I am Rosemary Adogo and having worked for a corporate over many years and established my own company, I can identify with SME ‘pain points’ in the day to day running of a business and as a start-up process. Every challenge has a solution and that is exactly why AllInOne Virtual Support services was created.

Where does it hurt?

So what are the kind of issues Small to medium Enterprises such as yours face?

  • Are you swamped with too much repetitive admin work and tasks?
  • Are you failing to issue invoices on time, affecting your cash flow and financial statements?
  • Do you have the time and resources to handle Ad hock projects or requirements?
  • Are you challenged with time to focus on your clients and your client base?
  • Are you losing out due to lack of resources to do effective marketing?
  • Are you frustrated and stuck in a rut, so you can’t grow and expand your business?
  • Are you challenged with employee overheads and employment issues?

We have the solutions

All the above challenges make you lose money and impact negatively on your bottom line. Allinone is designed to provide solutions to help you through this minefield of challenges.  The question therefore is “Why should I use this person and why is she so set on helping me?”

I am, I believe, the consummate professional. My experience in both the corporate world and in managing my own enterprises has more than adequately equipped me to have devised fail proof systems. These ensure the smoother running of any business. As an Entrepreneur and someone who has sat in your chair, I am passionate about helping the small to medium business owner.

Let me help

The reality though is that you can’t go it alone. I’m inviting you, at a fraction of the cost of building a huge internal infrastructure, to utilise the expertise that I have amassed in many areas of business.

I believe that with my level of education, business expertise, empathy for social consciousness – and the accolades I received in my years in strategic business roles in the corporate world, I have the edge over competitors.

Allinone offer 4 key pillars of service – ‘Your office in demand’

Our services include, but are not restricted to:

Professional Support – Administration in all its forms – allowing you to focus on the key aspects of your business…

Project Management – Behind every project is a competent professional Project manager, accelerating every project to a satisfactory conclusion…

Web and graphic design and Social media – Behind every established brand is a successful online presence and effective social media marketing campaign…

Aviation projects – With my extensive experience in the Aviation industry, we offer specialised commercial Aviation project expertise and support…

Why AllInOne?

Allinone is a certified professional Virtual Assistant confirmed by Global Expert Rating USA. Research has established that efficiency brings the positive change needed to grow a business …and efficiency is what we are all about.

Contact us to achieve the change you need, the R.O.I you want to achieve and the freedom that allows you to focus on the core objectives of your business. Finally, you can grow your revenue and clientele base, whilst Allinone, working as a partner within your business, manages your operations and projects ….and the best part – you pay only for what you specifically need!