We have a fansatic team of experts waiting to help you

Our  Team is passionate and dynamic with skills and expertise in many areas.

Our graphic, digital and multi media team specialises in creative and digital design and development, photography, videography and animation in both film and video.

We are also accomplished in the fields of research, administration and project management which contribute to the pool of service excellence at All In One.

Flexible and able to adjust with fineness on any topic or briefing, our team is well versed in current technology. We have also served for many years in various positions in the travel and hospitality areas and have invaluable knowledge in this industry. 

Rosemary Adogo

Managing Director

Entrepreneurial and having championed her own successful business, Rosemary also served and received numerous accolades and awards as a Business development and projects Manager who  executes with results. She is the consummate professional and an experienced Executive, with over 20 years work experience in senior leadership roles and general management experience.

Her work experience encompasses project management, strategic planning, resource utilisation, revenue and cost budgets, sales and marketing, airport operations, finance, pricing, human resource management as well as government and stakeholder relations.

Recognised for effective leadership skills, a result oriented approach and ability to influence resources for the success of the company, Rosemary received recognition award for outstanding achievements in many areas of business operations. She has strong leadership, Resource Management and general Management Skills and is a results orientated strategic thinker with valuable experience in turn-around projects

The Kenyan Ambassador at the Kenya High Commission in Pretoria said of her:
“Rosemary is efficient, effective, highly committed to success and goes out of her way to ensure that things work perfectly.”